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Our fees vary depending on how you are depositing funds with us.


Bank transfers: 0.20%

Cash deposits: 3.5%

Flexepin: 8%


Bank transfers: 0.20%

Cash deposits: 3.5%

Flexepin: 8.5%


Bank transfers: 0.20%

Direct Debit: 0.20%

Cash deposits: 3%

Flexepin: 8%


Interac e-transfer: 0.75%

Cash deposits: 1.50%

Flexepin: 6.5%


Pix: 2%

Boleto Bancário: 3%

Lotérica: 3%


Bank transfer: 0.20%

Cash deposits: 3%

Flexepin: 6%

Bitcoin withdrawals

Standard Onchain: Calculated in real time

Lightning Network: Free

Liquid Network: Free

We support the following payment methods

United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey

Cash deposits at our partner merchants. Find a location here

Flexepin vouchers

European Union

SEPA (Instant)

Cash deposits at our partner merchants. Find a location here

Flexepin vouchers


Poli Payments (Bank transfers)

Direct debits (AutoBuy only)

Cash deposits at our partner merchants. Find a location here

Flexepin vouchers. Find a location here


Interac e-transfers

Cash deposits at our partner merchants. Find a location here

Flexepin vouchers. Find a location here


Pix (Bank transfers)

Boleto Bancário


Our founders believe financial privacy is a basic human right, so we make our services as private as possible, however to continue operating the business we must follow the laws set in the countries where we operate.

When you create your account you must complete the verification process. Sometimes we may need to ask for additional information relating to individual transactions.

UK customers

Most customers can verify their FastBitcoins account, quickly by linking their bank account. The process is extremely quick and we only request the bare essential personal information from your bank.

Verifying your identity

You will need to provide government issued ID to fully verify your account. We operate a 24/7 support team that guide you through the whole process on a video call in real time.

Accepted documents

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • National ID Card

All documents must be easily readable, valid and not expired.

Bitcoin payments

Most payments are processed instantly, confirmation times may vary dependant upon the fee/mempool environment.

Pending balances (cooling period)

Some payment methods require a short period of time to allow for clearance of funds.

It will be made very clear when your payment will be subjected to a cooling period.

Standard (on-chain)

This is the most simple form of delivery, most Bitcoin wallets provide this functionality, however over time accessing the base-layer (blockchain/on-chain) will become more and more expensive to transact.

Lightning Network

The Lightning network is a layer above the Bitcoin blockchain which allows for extremely low fees and multiple payments without congesting the main Bitcoin network. If you already have inbound capacity in your Lightning wallet you can provide us with a Lightning invoice generated in your wallet or provide us with your Node ID and we will send the payment over the network to your wallet.

Liquid (L-BTC)

The Liquid network is a sidechain based settlement network that operates alongside Bitcoin, designed for traders and exchanges. Liquid deposits and withdrawals are available on many exchanges to provide quicker transfers between exchanges and increased privacy through the use of Confidential Transactions. You can read more on Liquid here.


We are proudly Bitcoin-only.

We don't promote speculation and all other assets have little functional value in the world beyond volatility that excites traders wanting to get rich quick.

Flexepin is a cash voucher for online payments

Flexepin is a fast, secure and private method of depositing funds into your account using a prepaid voucher. Vouchers can be purchased at thousands of locations around you.

I have a Flexepin voucher, how do I redeem it?

Once you have purchased your Flexepin voucher featuring a unique 16-digit code, you can deposit funds into your account. To do this, enter the 16-digit code printed on your voucher into the form on your account dashboard.

Flexepin payments have a cooling-off period of 2 days.

Most of the time, yes.

Open a support ticket to request an increase in your limits, you may need to answer some questions before your limits are increased.

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